History of Grapetown

13 May 1848 John Hemphill became the first landholder of Grapetown when he received the deed to his land, approximately ten miles south of Fredericksburg. HOH001
13 Feb 1854 More settlers in the Grapetown community, which included F. Wilhelm Doebbler, Friedrich Doebbler, Julie Hahnzog, Theodor Schild, Michael Pfister, Friedrick Kutscher, Johann Kallenberg and August Ebers, received deeds to their lands. HOH001
12 Apr 1856 F.W. Doebbler purchased a 160 acre tract near south Grape Creek from James and William Vance for $1,300.00. F.W. and family may have lived there a short time prior to moving to town. It is reported that most of the rock from that home was moved and used in the present Grapetown School building. FIC001
1858 Ferdinand Doebbler along with his brother, Louis, began building what was to become the Doebbler's Inn which was finished in 1862. FIC002
1859 The first formal school lessons are taught at Grapetown by Louis Hartwig in F. W. Doebbler's home. He would teach for alternate weeks between Grapetown and Meusebach Creek communities. SRP002 p. 10
1 Nov 1885 Grapetown Leidertafel (Singing Club) was formed. GRA001
1887 Grapetown Eintracht Schuetzen Verein (Grapetown United Shooting Club) was organized with the range located on the Theodore Hohenberger place. HOH001
abt 1888 The first Grapetown shooting competition was held just downhill from the stage stop [Doebbler's Inn] on a level piece of land where the creek [Grape Creek] makes a wide bend.
Jan 1893 Gillespie County Schuetzen Bund (Rifleman's Association) was formed, uniting Hubertus, Grapetown Eintract Schuetzen Verein (Grapetown United Shooting Club), Jaegerlust of Luckenbach, Lone Star Gun Club of Cherry Spring, Gun Club of Tivydale, Nimrod of Palo Alto, Cherry Mountain Gun Club of Trockenburg, Jaegerlust of Meusebach Creek. WIS001 p. 68
29 Jul 1893 Grapetown Schuetzen Verein hosted the first Gillespie County Schuetzenfest at their new (current) location. GIL002 p. 178

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